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Creative Director | Application 

(Head of Personal Brand)

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Job Description:


We currently have a Personal Brand for entrepreneurship education of 160k+ followers ( (on all platforms) and need YOUR help taking it to the next level!

This role is responsible for building and leading a team of creatives (videographers, editors, designers, copywriters and other creative positions). The objective of this role is to take the Charlie Morgan personal brand to the moon, surpassing 3M+ subscribers on all platforms.

You’ll help build and lead your own team of doers, while bringing a mix of creative, marketing, business and management skills.

There are three things we are looking for in this person:

KILLER understanding of all platforms (YT, IG, TT, LI, X, etc)
Highly creative (we LOVE innovative, creative & lateral thinking)
Great leadership (knowing how to hire, manage and motivate creatives)

Our vision: “every entrepreneur who wants to succeed, does”. We’ll do this by revolutionising business education, and to do that we NEED big reach and big influence. That’s where YOU come in. This isn’t just a job, you’re part of something HUGE.


- Creating direction, vision and strategy for the brand
- Hiring creatives as you see fit (videographers, editors, thumbnailers, strategists, etc)
- Managing your team (incentives, training, accountability, culture, etc)
- Reporting to the CEOs respectively (data, ideas, etc)
- Ideating content & coming up with ideas
- Weekly or daily meetings to discuss brand
- Set up a multi-platform system to distribute content


- Remote, although optional: Dubai (2024-early 2025)
- In future: Oxford (UK) (physical offices coming mid 2025)


- Content and message congruent with CEO’s values, principles and vision
- All content approved by Creative Director before release
- Relentless adherence to content schedule (30 days ahead by rule of thumb)
- Grow to 3M+ followers cross-platform


- Years of experience as a Creative Director (or similar role)
- Proficient with social media platforms and best practices
- (YouTube, Instagram, Podcast, LinkedIn, Facebook, X, TikTok, etc)
- Able to “speak the language” of the various creatives on the team
(understands video editing, filming, design, audio editing, and copywriting)
- Innovative thinker, self-starter
- Initiative is a MUST - For example, this person LOVES creating content and is obsessed with creativity and content creation.
- Creative skills for contributing new and innovative ideas
- Ability to create cutting-edge internet content
- Has a great sense of urgency
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- Strong leadership skills
- Proactive not reactive
- Speed and clarity in communication (primarily in Slack)
- Willing to work in a fast-paced environment with an openness to change.


- Potential earnings $250k/yr+
- $100k-$150k/yr salary (experience dependant)
- $100k/yr+ in annual incentives (based on benchmarks)


- Full time, all the time (Mon-Sat)! 
- We want HARD workers who LOVE to work.


- Slack, Zoom
- We value urgency & speed of communication
- We value detail & thoroughness of communication (over-contextualising is fine)
- Daily brand meetings with CEO